About Southeast Regional Technology Group

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We’re Your Provider of Professional IT Support, Solutions & Services

Southeast Regional Technology Group was founded because there is a serious need for managed IT services, cloud computing services and cyber security services in today’s small to medium-business market. We take IT and security to the next level so you can focus on the things that make your business successful.

We’re made up of a passionate, experienced team with big ambitions. We have offices across Georgia and are working to become the leader in IT and Security Services in the Southeast United States. As a managed security services provider (MSSP), our goal is to protect our clients, their data and their employees from the ever-changing world of cyber security threats.

Perks of partnering with SERTG include:

  • Less downtime, faster resolutions and more productivity
  • Proactive maintenance that prevents issues and secures your network and data
  • The best in modern cloud computing to boost your company’s capabilities

Ready to Secure Success for Tomorrow?

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