Advanced Cybersecurity Services

For a Safer, Smarter Business

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Shield Your Company to Connect with The World

The internet is a dangerous place for every company, no matter its size. However, small to medium-sized businesses, like yours, are the most popular targets because all too often, they don’t have the cybersecurity measures in place to protect them from a cyberattack – threats like malware, ransomware, email, phishing or other cybercrimes. Then there’s always the risks to your data from the wrath of mother nature. Without the proper cybersecurity services in place, you could be fighting it off all alone.

With cybersecurity services from SERTG, we’re here to back you up in any situation or prevent one from happening in the first place. We have worked many long hours and considered all the defenses a modern business needs to protect itself and created an assortment of IT services for you.

Allow a team of experts to provide all the IT support and cybersecurity services you need to protect your business from whatever comes at it.

Cybersecurity Services Protect You from Top to Bottom

Our Professional Cybersecurity Services

Data Backup & Recovery

You’ve worked too hard to accrue all the data your company uses to perform its daily tasks. Ensure only you can access it whenever it’s needed with this great solution.

IT Physical Security

Protecting your place of business is just as important as protecting your home. Get the best in workplace security to keep your office safe from theft, vandalism, natural disasters and more.

Firewall Network Security

The first line of technology defense for every business. This solution helps mitigate threats to your network and is connected to a regularly updated database to stay on top of new threats.

Compliance Management

GDPR, CAN-SPAM, PCI DSS, SOX? There’s a lot of international government regulations your business must adhere to under penalty of law. Allow us to make sure you’re always up to date.

Security Risk Assessment

Cybercriminals are very smart. Each day, they try to find weaknesses in your network to steal your data and profit from your hard work. Our expert team will go in and find your weaknesses before they do.

Our Other IT Services

Keep doing what you do best – the team at SERTG will handle the rest. We provide an entire assortment of technology and services with best-in-class features. Discover our services and see how SERTG can bolster your business with better technology. Our other IT support solutions include:

Managed IT Services

We will manage, design, craft and connect you with all of the technologies you need to be successful.

Cloud Computing Services

The best in storage, collaboration, virtualization and management to keep your organization thriving.

Expert managed IT services for success are within reach.


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